PHY961 Nonlinear Beam Dynamics

Organized by Kyoko Makino

MSU PHY962A - Nonlinear Beam Dynamics is an interactive, web-based course part of VUBeam, MSU's Virtual University Beam Physics courses and degree programs. It consists of downloadable lecture notes, lecture audio and video, and homework problems.

The course can be started at any time, subject to final approval by the lecturer. Upon registration, a username and password are issued that allow access to the system of the course. A participant has a total of one semester to complete the requirements for the course, including self study based on downloadable audio and video, and work on interactive homework problems.

Topics: Hamiltonian dynamics in curvilinear coordinates, transfer maps, perturbation theories, maps of common elements, aberrations, tracking, differential algebraic methods, resonances and normal forms.

Course Material

All course material for the main lectures and the guest lectures will be posted on the web.

For each of the lectures homework problems are assigned. Many homework problems are fully interactive over the web and based on the WebCOSY system developed in the Beamtheory and Dynamical Systems Group at MSU.

The grade for the course is determined by the performance with the homework problems.


Registration and Credit

To register for the course, please visit Students that are enrolled as degree candidates may also enroll through the regular MSU computer or telephone enrollment system.

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